Ronald  J. Hook, LMSW

Certified Radix® Bodywork Practitioner
(adjunct to psychotherapy)
Faculty, Institute for Individual and Group Psychotherapy (


My Approach

My approach is both to promote personal growth and to help people recover a healthy mental status. Many people have lost touch with their own natural emotions and end up operating with a less than a full version of themselves. They unconsciously carry difficult and unresolved emotional experiences in their body’s memory, leading sometimes even to chronic physical symptoms.


 Some wind up depressed or anxious.  Some, sadly, resort to burying their feelings with legal and illegal substances.

 As both a psychotherapist and somatic bodyworker I understand that feelings that are unconscious, or physically buried under chronic muscle tension, result in damage to relationships, to work, and to the way one treats one’s self…





Body-oriented personal growth – physically based emotional management, opening feelings where closed, and capping feelings when they are too open.

Individual Psychotherapy – traditional psychotherapy supplemented by the inclusion of body awareness.

Group Psychotherapy – the “hall of mirrors” with many opportunities to observe and adjust adaptive habits that are self-defeating.

Consultations – with other therapists and their patients, working with the body’s place in ongoing psychotherapy.  Neuroscientists now declare the a psychotherapy is not complete without directly addressing the body.  It’s time to get on with it.



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